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One of the most oft recorded tunes in the early 20th centuries among Greeks was the Turkish song Mendilimin Yesili better known as Aman Doktor. It was especially favored by Greek immigrants to America who recorded it many times. Two Greek American recordings are included here, a very early one by Amalia Baka from Yanina, Epirus and a later one by Virginia Mangidou from Istanbul. Other American reocrdings not included are two by Marika Papagika, two by Giorgos Katsaros and one in Turkish by Tom Stathis (Stathiades) from Kirk Kilise (Saranda Ekklisies) now Kirklareli. The first Turkish recording on this upload is sung by the Armenian, Bogos Kirecciyan. It was recorded in Istanbul and released on the Balkan Record Label in NYC , circa 1953. The second Turkish recording is by Ali Ugurlu who recorded dozens of songs in Athens in the early 1960s. Included also are two "folk" versions - one, played on zurna and daouli is used to accompany the dance "Seryiani" from the region of Nigrita in Macedonia; and the other, also from Macedonia, is from the village of Krini. This is the only version in Greek I know of whose lyrics are different from the usual ones about needing a doctor to cure an uncurable love pain.


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